Riccar Vacuums

Tandem Air Vacuums

Tandem Air Technology combines two types of cleaning technology into one vacuum for exceptional carpet cleaning, strong suction for attachments and advanced HEPA media filtration.

Dirt settling deep in carpet cuts into its fibers and destroys the carpet over time. Tandem Air vacuums harness a direct air motor to agitate and pull deep-down dirt from your carpet, along with a clean air motor to increase suction. A flip of a switch shifts cleaning to the tools. Our Tandem Air vacuums also combat odors and particulates with smart placement of filters. All Riccar Tandem Air vacuums have earned the Gold Seal of Approval from the Carpet and Rug Institute.

Riccar Lightweights


LIghtweight vacuum designed for deep cleaning of plush carpet and bare floors, plus a self-sealing HEPA media bag.


Cordless, powerful cleaning for carpet and bare floors, plus a HEPA media bag.


Perfect for carpet and bare floor cleaning, this lightweight vacuum features a HEPA media bag and a lifetime belt.


Just eight pounds and only the features you need for superb carpet cleaning.

Riccar Canister Vacuums

Riccar canister vacuums are suited to homes with a variety of flooring surfaces. With various nozzle options and floor attachments, Riccar canisters easily move from carpet to hard floors. They’re always ready for above-the-floor cleaning with tools to tackle every cleaning task.

Riccar Specialty Vacuums

Riccar specialty vacuums help you tackle quick clean-ups with ease. Whether it’s your home, car, boat or plane, you’ll love the portability and power of these vacuum cleaners.


Powerful and perfect for cleaning dry messes on hard floors.


Vacuum HANDHELD small messes quickly with this mighty micro vacuum.


The RiccarCORDLESS Roam allows you to do just that … roam from room to room without being tied down by a cord.


The SupraQuik is a portable canister vacuum that’s perfect for cleaning bare floors, stairs, rugs and autos.

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