Vacuum Repair Service

Do you have a vacuum that needs to be repaired? Is it an old vacuum that you can’t find the parts for anymore? Bring your vacuum into A-Discount Vacuum and let our professionals examine your vacuum. We have been in business for over 30 years and during that time we have acquired an an extensive inventory of vacuum parts and a wide selection of outdated and rare parts. We service and repair all the top vacuum brands available. Call today about your broken vacuum.

Your vacuum cleaner is the most used (and abused) appliance in the home. By maintaining and servicing your vacuum cleaner on a frequent basis, you can enjoy many years of good performance and durability. Trust A Discount Vacuum to help you with your cleaning needs!

We are trained in the following Brands:
  • Beam
  • Bissell
  • Dirt Devil
  • Dyson
  • Eureka
  • Electrolux
  • Filter Queen/Majestic
  • Fuller Brush
  • Hayden
  • Hoover
  • HP VacuFlo
  • Kenmore
  • Kirby
  • Koblenz
  • Modern Day Central Vac
  • NuTone
  • Oreck
  • Panasonic
  • Rainbow/Rexaire
  • Royal
  • Rug Doctor
  • Sanitaire
  • Simplicity/Riccar
  • Shark
Our Services
  • We service all makes and models ourselves.
  • Factory authorized repair of most brands.
  • Vacuums, Carpet Cleaners, Floor Machines.
  • Central Vacuum installation, new and retrofit.
  • We offer a full line of cleaning supplies.
  • Our knowledgeable staff can train you on all there is to know about your vacuum, carpet cleaner, central vacuum, and proper chemical use.
Vacuum Store in El Cajon
Vacuum Tips
  • We recommend having your vacuum cleaner serviced on a yearly basis for preventative maintenance.
  • Just like your vehicles all need routine check-ups, so does your vacuum. Filters, Belt, Bags, Hoses, etc. are all items that need to routinely be serviced and/or replaced.
  • By having this done your cleaner will perform better and last longer.
  • Remember that your best effort to clean your home is only as good as the tools you use.

Top Maintenance Routines for Premium Vacuum Brands

  1. Bissell Carpet Cleaner: Clean and sanitize the unit. Take out the brushroll and remove any hair and debris, check the belts from wear, flush out the heater (if applicable), make sure all fluid passages are clear of clogs, and clean the outside to make your machine look and run like new.

  2. Dyson: Clean the unit outside, as well as, check and replace the filters or wash them (if equipped with washable filters), remove any debris from the brushroll and check the bearings for wear, and blow out the motor to clean any dust out. We make sure there is no clogs obstructing  the flow of  suction or air leaks that will weaken the suction power.

  3. Hoover: Taking into account the various models and styles of Hoover vacuums, in general, we clean the brushroll of any debris and check the bearings for movement. Making sure the bearing is free to move will prevent melting of the brushroll and possibly the housing. We check all filters and replace them if needed and the same for the belts. Any clogs or areas the impede suction flow are cleared out and the vacuum is cleaned inside and out so it will work like new and look as good as we can get it.

  4. Simplicity: American made and constructed, one of the best vacuums on the market that is built to last. We make sure every Simplicity vacuum is clean inside and out. Check the lifetime belt for knicks or other potential problems. Replace the filters, check the replaceable brush strips and replace if needed. New bag in installed (Simplicity doesnt have a bagless vacuum, they are smarter than that) , and make sure all parts are running in tip top condition.

  5. Kirby Vacuums: Time tested and one of the original vacuum manufacturers around, we strive to make sure every Kirby goes out in the condition it was in when you bought it from the door to door salesman. Brushroll and belt is checked for wear, bag replaced, motor is blown out and the brushes are reseated or replaced. The motor bearings also are checked for movement, one of the few vacuums that these bearings can be checked and replaced without buying a new motor, The cord is examined for cuts and burnt contacts and replaced if necessary. A quick polish of the aluminum case and it is ready to go back to your home and got to work.

  6. Oreck Lightweight and easily handled, we make it a priority to examine all aspects of this unit for performance perfection. Belts are checked over, bag is replaced, brushroll is examined for free movement and cleaned of debris, and the fan housing is checked for cracks and the fan seals are replaced. Thern its off to return to duty at your residence.

  7. Shark Vacuums A recent newcomer to the vacuum market, these small but powerful vacuums will leave here only after we have checked the filters, blow out the motors removing dust, cleaned any hair or debris from the brushroll, and cleaned the unit inside and out.

  8. Hoover Carpet Cleaner: One of the earliest of the present day homeowner carpet cleaners, this unit is cleaned and examined from the ground up. The brush block is disassembled and cleaned inside and out. The fluid lines are cleaned and any kinks eliminated, the waste water tank is sanitized, all seals are tested for leaks, and the unit is entirely cleaned all around for your next cleaning job.

  9. Electrolux – Sanitaire Professional vacuums designed for commercial use and as a heavy duty consumer vacuum with time tested elements, we check the fan, fan housing, body, for cracks and damage. The outer bag is looked over for tears and the inner bag is replaced. The belt is replaced as is the cord hooks if we find any cracks or breaks. The cord is examined for knicks and cuts. We blow the motor out and remove any dirt and debris. The brushroll can have the brush strips replaced and the bearings as well without the need to replace the entire brushroll.

  10. Central Vacuum Systems: All CVS (central vacuum systems) units are checked for motor wear, the filter bag or filter inserts are cleaned or replaced. The electronics are tested for performance and then the entire unit is cleaned and gaskets are check for leaks. The hose and power nozzle accessories are checked for working ability and closely examined and cleaned to provide you with the best whole home cleaning system you can get when you return home. (pick up and return are available along with service calls to your home to examine the entire system) Service calls are important because no matter how good we do here with you CVS unit, a clogged pipe will still be a clogged pipe!!!