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Our vacuum cleaner shop located in El Cajon, California offers a wide variety of premier vacuum cleaners & cleaning products. Stop by to view our vacuum cleaner selection.

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Melville Bissell developed an early carpet sweeping machine to aid in cleaning the crockery shop he and his wife Anna owned and operated. The device was patented as the Bissell Carpet Sweeper in 1876. In 1883 Bissell built the company’s first manufacturing plant in Grand Rapids. The BISSELL Company® makes vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, carpet cleaners & sweepers


Hoover Company is a vacuum cleaner company founded in Ohio in the US. It also established a major base in the United Kingdom; and, mostly in the 20th century, it dominated the electric vacuum cleaner industry.to the point where the Hoover brand name became synonymous with vacuum cleaners and vacuuming. 


Kenmore vacuum cleaner company. Once sold exclusive at Sears Now available From Us @ A-discount Vacuum. A Popular Brand which has been around for over 100 years. Canisters, Uprights & light weight Vacuum cleaners for sales & service.


This company developed their red sanitaire commercial vacuums and similar dark blue heavy duty and professional vacuums. Both series are well known for their high performance and durability. The “Sanitaire by Electrolux” vacuums that we sell have outstanding performance and durability

Simplicity & Riccar Vacuums
Our engineers and structural designers scrutinize every detail of our vacuums. In the end, each element is the best it can be.
So, if you’re looking for a durable, powerful cleaning machine, trust us, you’ve come to the right place. Have no fear—Simplicity is here to save you from another bad vacuum!

Modern Day Central Vacuums
Designed and assembled in the USA, Modern Day is built with 18 and 20 gauge steel, powder-coated inside and out, and features the highest quality electronics. Modern Day is backed with a ten-year warranty for long term, trouble-free operation.
Modern Day employs over 1,000 in² of filter surface area in its 3-stage Hyperflow® microfiltration, effectively removing particles as small as .3 microns from the air stream without hindering vacuum performance.
Central vacuum needs beyond the typical residential application can look to Modern Day to meet the challenge.